SHS – BECE WhatsApp Group Chat ( For Learning )

If you’re on this page right now, it simply means that you’re among searching for’ how to join bece WhatsApp group chat for learning past papers. Well, I guess here is the final bus stop to your search. My team and I have lunched a new bece learning WhatsApp group chat, for all interested candidates for join for free.

Joining this group chat will be a starting point of your success story, because’ we teach you guys what it takes to make excellent result in your bece exams.

Though’ we have shared some bece past papers for you guys to solve, but that doesn’t stop us from extending the tutorial to a next level.

We usually share like bece questions and answers in the group chat, and also help you guys to solve some of the past questions you find difficult. Do you know the amazing thing about this group? Well, you’re getting every information for free. Yes, absolutely for free’ you won’t spend a dime join or learn anything.

But if you need apor, we also do that too, but that one is not for free’ as we also pay to get them from the direct source.

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There’s absolutely nothing will ever make you fail this bece exam, if you join our group chat, stay active during our lesson time and follow instructions on how to answer your exam questions.

BECE WhatsApp Group Link


In the below paragraph, I will be sharing a direct link to join our group chat and study all the previous papers and also learn the likely questions.

Remember what I said earlier, joining the group chat is absolutely for free’ and we don’t charge anything for the online tutorials. If you’re interested in joining us kindly CLICK HERE

For those who would like to get their correct bece questions and answers 24hrs or midnight before exam, kindly follow the below steps.

How To Get BECE Expo/Apor


Some students in Ghana call it ditto-ditto, which mean’ getting the correct questions and answers before the commencement of your exam.

Our source is hundred percent legit, if you’re not sure of writing this exam by yourself, then’ relax let’s help you achieve your goals without any stress.

In as much as we teach students how to study and pass their bece exam, we also help them to get their answer before exam. This is mainly to assist those who can’t understand anything, even after reading their books.

If that’s really what you want, then’ join the group chat with the above link and contact any of our group admin for proper guidelines on how to get it in our VIP group.

NOTE – we don’t give it out for free, if you want to do apor’ you must be ready to pay for it. Though’ we don’t charge much for the services.


Definitely you have seen the link to follow up and join our bece WhatsApp group chat for learning.

If you have further questions, kindly use the comment box below to reach out us or reach out to any of our admins on WhatsApp.