Join Free WAEC Runs 2022 WhatsApp Group Chat

Are you among those writing the upcoming WAEC examination? If yes, please quickly join this free WAEC runs 2022 WhatsApp group chat and get your correct questions and answers before exam time. Verified WAEC expo WhatsApp group link to join now and get free question and answers 24hrs or midnight before exam.

Have you thought of getting your correct questions and answers before exam time and pass the exam ones and for all? If yes, stop thinking and start acting immediately. My team and I have made it easier for students to get their correct questions and answers before exam day.

This is to ensure that everyone pass his/her exams and never rewrite it next year. We don’t indulge in scamming students, our main concern is to help you and provide you with the exam papers before the commencement of exam.

And  that’s why we created this free waec runs or expo WhatsApp group chat for everyone writing the exam to join for free. This is for those in Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, Liberia and other African countries sitting for the wassce exam.

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We are hundred percent legit and reliable, and definitely you will confirm it when you finally join and write your exams with our source. We started this exam runs in 2014, and uptil now’ we haven’t fail our candidates.

How To Get WAEC Answer Before Exam


The moment you join this WAEC expo WhatsApp group chat, you can get your wassce correct questions and answers directly from waec head office 24hrs/ midnight before exam.

The answers are hundred percent legit, I mean’ exactly what you’re going to see in exam hall the next day. No scam or incorrect questions and answers.

As a matter of fact, we are always active in our WhatsApp chat” more especially when you’re writing your exams. This is to ensure that’ nothing go wrong. And with guarantee, excellent result is rest assured juts like our previous candidates.

Join 2022 WAEC Expo WhatsApp Group Link


Just as I said earlier, this group chat is specially for those writing the upcoming (WAEC) west African examination council. If you’re among them, or your loved ones you would like to help via our assistant’ then go ahead and follow the below link to join us.

To Join us: CLICK HERE

NOTE: there are rules and regulations guiding this WAEC expo WhatsApp group chat. Make sure you don’t violate it and also read after joining us.

WAEC Group Chat Rules And Regulations


Please make sure you careful read and abide the rules and regulations, so that you won’t be removed from the group chat or block completely.

  • Sharing of none education related topic is highly prohibited.
  • Do not insult anyone.
  • Do not post fake exam papers in our group chat.
  • You must not join this group, if you’re not writing exams.
  • Contact the admin as soon as you join the group.
  • That’s all.


Joining us in our group chat is absolutely for free, but getting the correct waec question and answers is not. We charge a little token to offer the services and I can practically say that’ it worth more than we charge.

Now the choice is yours, if you want to pass this exam ones and for all” by getting your correct questions and answers before exam. Then’ go ahead and join us in our group chat.



If you’re unable to join the waec runs/expo WhatsApp group chat, please use the comment box below to drop your WhatsApp number or inform the admin. We will add you up immediately.

Also use the share button below, to share with you class mates and inform them about the new way of passing WAEC without any stress.