How To Prepare For WAEC In One Month ( How To Pass WAEC A’s & B’s )

Recently, I discovered that so many people have been searching for information on how to prepare for WAEC in one month? While some go straight to the point by asking how to pass waec? Well, in this blog post” I will show you the secret of making excellent result in wassce, A’s and B’s.

Definitely you must have seen or heard some students having nine (9 A’s ) in their wassce. Sometimes we doubt it, but the truth remains that’ it’s very possible for someone to clear all the subjects in waec.

Though’ it’s rare to see someone having nine (9 A’s ) in his or her waec result” but it’s not something impossible, more especially in Countries like Ghana and Gambia.

For you to pass or prepare for WAEC in one month, you have to first of all” know the secret. Wassce is not just like your random class exams, it requires extra hard work or using the easiest way” which requires money.

Some people, despite studying or preparing ahead of time’ they still find themselves fail the exam at the end of the day. So, for you to pass your waec exams you have to first of all ask yourself if you can do? Using the class exams to test your intelligence.

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That’s by the way, I will proceed to teaching the two topics that brought you here today. Which are, how to prepare for WAEC in one month, and how to pass wassce. We all know that one must prepare for the exam before thinking of passing it, that’s if you wouldn’t want anyone to assist you during the exam.

How To Prepare For WAEC In One Month


Let’s be sincere to ourselves, one month is not enough to prepare for WAEC and make good grades. I mean, how can you prepare for WAEC in one month? Using one month to read all the books using the syllabus for each subject. Reading the past questions, it’s a whole lot of stress and trust me” you would get tired at some point.

Remember that you’re meant to write nine subjects in waec, how do you intend to cover up? Well, I’m not saying that it’s impossible. But it all depends on your level of intelligence, how fast you can learn and all that’.

Anyways, if you have one month left for the exam, and you really want to get tips on how to study and pass. Then, follow the below steps:

  • Set up a timetable
  • Get and study all previous waec questions and answers.
  • Read your text books and lastly,
  • Read to learn, and not to cram.

These are the steps to follow up,when you want to prepare for WAEC in one month and pass. However, there are other stress free way’s to pass waec, I will be pointing them out here too.

In as much as I said, stress free” it doesn’t mean that you won’t do something to achieve your academic goals. However, it won’t be as difficult as reading all day and nights” and the success isn’t guaranteed. Yes, because you may end up not seeing most of the topics you studied or any of the past questions being repeated.

How To Pass WAEC A’s & B’s


There’s no much secret in passing WAEC, the most important thing is the ability to understand the right answer to any question send to you. But? No one will ever not advise you to read your books ahead of time.

Of course is very right, but the question is” how about those who can’t understand anything after reading, won’t they pass their exams again?. Obviously everyone isn’t born intelligent, however” the society must not fail them irrespective of their predicament.

Hence, we have made it easier for those who can’t do this by themselves to follow up and make their parents proud. We all know how expensive WAEC registration is now, and we can’t afford to watch anyone to pay such huge amount money to register again next year.

Tips On How To Pass WAEC Without Stress


Excluding from reading your text books, past questions and likely questions. Another step to take and pass your waec exams without any dime stress is by using our expo format.

Yes, you heard me right. My team and I will provide you with the correct questions and answers 24hrs or midnight before the commencement of every exam paper.

Amazing right? Yeah, this is the popular method most waec candidates are using right now to pass their exams. Those that you see having nine ( 9 A’s ) in their wassce exam is using expo to write it.

NOTE – this method involve payment, those who are interested should indicate via the comment box below or rather follow the above link to join us on WhatsApp.


At this point, I will be dropping my pen. And I believe you must have learnt How To Prepare For WAEC In One Month ( How To Pass WAEC A’s & B’s ).

The choice is now yours, we have given you tips to follow and write it by yourself” and also show you how to pass wassce with a helping hand. Choose wisely and don’t forget to ask questions if you have any. Success is all I wish you all.