Abacha And Ugba Recipes (African Salad) How To Make Abacha And Ugba

No doubt, you have been searching for Abacha and Ugba recipes (African Salad) how to make Abacha And Ugba. Well, if I’m right” you’re highly welcome to Betty recipe blog. On our today’s post, we will be tutoring you guys on how to prepare yummy African food named abacha. Let me just say Nigeria food, Igbo’s presidely. Abacha, which is called “African salad” in English language, It’s so popular in Igbo Land and they don’t joke with it.

In some parts of Igbo land in Nigeria, abacha and Ugba is served during traditional marriage ceremony. A lot of people value this food, more than any other” it’s so delicious and irresistible when it’s well prepared.

Abacha is very healthy, as it’s prepared with fresh vegetables like garden egg leaf and others, it’s recipes is so exceptional and incomperable. There are two different ways to prepare this abacha and ugba.

  • You can fry it; this method of making abacha is done by Enugu State residents.
  • Making it with potassium, which is the well known abacha for everyone in Igbo land. Nevertheless, you can as well  make it with what we call Ncha, in replacement of potash. Ncha is said to be more healthier that potash, but using it started recently.

Without taking much of time, I will proceed to providing you with the recipes and it’s preparation method, read carefully below:

Abacha and Ugba Recipes (African Salad)


  • Abacha (desired quantity)
  • Fish( dried fish , smoked mackerel) Kpomo, cooked and sliced
  • 2 large onions, sliced
  • Palmoil, enough
  • Potash powder
  • 2 cups of ugba (ukpaka)
  • Ground crayfish
  • Seasoning cubes (Maggi/Knorr)
  • Fresh utazi leaves, sliced
  • Fresh garden eggs, sliced and diced
  • Local Nigerian seasoning (ogiri, ground Ehu seeds)
  • Sal tand pepper to taste

NOTE: For you to get the best out of this abacha recipe, it’s essential to make sure that all the ingredients are well incorporated. There’s a lot of add this and stir – bits by bits. You can’t add everything at once and stir, sorry. If you do that, it will be very difficult to get a good blend of all the ingredients.

How To Make Abacha And Ugba


1) Before making your abacha recipe, prepare all the ingredients and set aside. Wash and slice vegetables to be used. Make sure your meat/fish items are done.

Abacha And Ugba (African Salad) Recipe - How To Make Abacha And Ugba

2) Then soak the abacha in cold water and rinse the ugba with lukewarm water. Once the abacha has softened, put in a sieve and drain.


3. Pour palm oil in deep pot. Mix potash powder in water, pour the potash mixture into the oil. Stir very well until oil turn into a yellow paste.

4. Add the ground pepper, crayfish, sliced onions, ground ehu, crushed stock cubes, and ugba – then stir very well.

5. Add the ogiri and mix very well. Add the dried fish, smoked mackerel, and sliced kpomo – stir very well.

6. Add the soaked and drained abacha and stir till it is well combined in the palm oil paste. Add salt to taste and stir well.

7. Taste for salt and seasoning – adjust if necessary. Your abacha is ready.

8. Serve with chilled palm wine to get the true local experience, or with your drink of choice.
9. Enjoy!😍



Like your abacha warm? Then heat it up on medium heat to your desired temperature. Serve and garnish with onion slices, garden egg and utazi leaves. Like your abacha cold? Serve and garnish with onion slices, garden egg and utazi leaves.

That’s all, hopefully you have learnt Abacha and Ugba recipes (African Salad) how to nake Abacha And Ugba from scratch?

If you have further questions concerning this recipe or it’s preperaprepion method, kindly use the comment section below and let ask us. We won’t hesitate to give you feedback.

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